TANG OF THE TASMAN SEA – Cry of the Kiwi: A Family’s New Zealand Adventure, Book 3

Print ISBN 9780993776724

E-book ISBN 9780993776755

Back on South Island, the Nams battle adventure inertia and homeschool tensions. They rebound to explore a honeydew ecosystem and backpack the Abel Tasman Coast Track, one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. As autumn draws to a close, the foursome crosses the Southern Alps to hike to a brooding creek with a history of disaster, follows flashlights deep into caves, and kayaks a tidal river that empties into the Tasman Sea. Between winter storms, they hike a rain-drenched West Coast beach and through dank rainforest and over icy bedrock to a spectacular lookoff in glacier country. As their adventure draws to a close, it becomes clear that the heart of New Zealand lies in more than its riveting landscapes and intriguing  flora and fauna.

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