TANG OF THE TASMAN SEA – Cry of the Kiwi: A Family’s New Zealand Adventure, Book 3

In this entertaining and moving story, the spunky Canadian family that dived into South Island life in Once a Land of Birds and explored New Zealand’s North Island in This Dark Sheltering Forest sets out on exciting new adventures amidst some of South Island’s most riveting landscapes.

With awareness and a rich turn of phrase, Magi Nams portrays South Island’s natural beauty and reveals how some landscapes her family explores during five final months in New Zealand are landscapes of the heart, and how some trails lead not up mountains but to new peaks within.

Back on South Island, Magi and her family battle home school tensions and adventure inertia before rebounding to backpack the Abel Tasman Coast Track, watch the Aurora Australis from a mountain top, hike to a brooding creek with a history of disaster, follow flashlights deep into caves, and climb over icy bedrock to a look-off in breathtaking glacier country. As their family travel adventure of a lifetime draws to a close, it becomes clear that New Zealand’s heart lies as much in its people as in its majestic landscapes and intriguing flora and fauna.

Tang of the Tasman Sea is the third book of Magi Nams’ Cry of the Kiwi: A Family’s New Zealand Adventure series.

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