SEASONS ON MATHESON BROOK: A Journey to Self Through Exploring Nature

Embellished with the author’s own pen-and-ink drawings, this is no dry scientific treatise but a lively and honest journey through both the beauty and harsh reality of nature. M.E. Graham, Goodreads

On April 8, 1997, Magi Nams set out on a quest for self, with words tumbling into a notebook she held in her hands while birding on her family’s property in northern Nova Scotia. Even more startling than this unexpected outpouring of observation and reflection was the realization that recording sights, sounds, and thoughts was something she must continue to do. So, for a year—most often while walking or running—Nams gathered word images of meadows, forests, birds, and waters she encountered, and in a journal explored the revelations they brought her.

Penned with a biologist’s insight and an artist’s eye, Seasons on Matheson Brook combines nature writing, autobiography, and personal journey and features sixteen pen-and-ink illustrations by the author. All of the journal entries are based in Nova Scotia, but the author’s recollections also take the reader to Nunavut, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Using vivid prose and detailed imagery, Nams has crafted a loving tribute to the natural world, an honest exploration of her place within that world, and a thoughtful celebration of rural life and family.  

What readers say about Seasons on Matheson Brook:

★★★★★ “Like nature itself, the book is so full of all manner of things that it’s best read in small doses (if you can limit yourself). Nams is by turns scientific, philosophical, and poetic—often all on the same page. There’s nothing stodgy or academic about the prose, though; it’s as crisp and colorful as autumn leaves and as tempting to dive into. She livens things up even more with her delightful, accomplished pen-and-ink drawings; I only wish there had been twice as many.” – Gary Blackwood, Amazon

★★★★★  “Nams writes with the assurance of her strong background in biology, a child-like wonder, and the professional ability of a seasoned author. The reader is right there whether Nams slogs through mud, harvests her garden, examines a crushed slug on the road, extols the magnificence of maple in its autumn red, or lays bare her own worries and fears.” – M. E. Graham, Goodreads

★★★★★ “Vivaldi wrote 4 violin concertos about the four Seasons in 1718, indeed a musical masterpiece. Now over 300 years later Magi Nams has done it with words. Vivaldi could have used this as his guide. This book is a labour of love and a pleasure to explore.” – Charlie, Amazon

★★★★★ “Seasons on Matheson’s Brook reminded me of how much I loved Burgess’s books as a child and what was so compelling about them. Written as a series of diary entries, with beautiful observations of both nature and life, Nams captures rural Nova Scotia with breathtaking accuracy and a clear love for her subject. That Nams is a scientist is evident in the level of detail in her descriptions. Occasional flashbacks to her travels and studies provide unique insights into worlds the reader may never experience in reality but will feel as if they had by the time they finish the book.” – Paula Altenburg, Amazon

★★★★★ “This book is truly an immersive read. It has a great mix of beautifully described nature scenes, fun science facts contextualized by either her nature observations or life experiences, and deeply personal accounts of memories and insights triggered by observing the world. Nams makes it very apparent to me that ordinariness is nothing but a fog cast by our mind when we are too lost in thought that quickly dissipates once we truly pay attention.” – Alexandre Loureiro, Amazon

★★★★★ “Nams creates vivid word pictures to savour slowly, along with a good cup of tea. Walk, run and ski with her through the brook, meadow and forestland enveloping her home as she paints intricate scenes, immersing herself into each season of the year. Awaken your senses to the wonders of nature, seen through the eyes of a writer and biologist discovering who she is through the beauty of God’s creation. While recounting her experiences, Nams shares delightful family anecdotes and insights which aid in her quest for self-discovery.” – Mary Van Essen, Amazon

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