THIS DARK SHELTERING FOREST – Cry of the Kiwi: A Family’s New Zealand Adventure, Book 2

Print ISBN 9780993776717

E-book ISBN 9780993776748

Amid torrential downpours and summer heat, the Nams drive quads over muddy, pitted tracks on North Island’s Central Volcanic Plateau, dodging danger as they trap stoats, the subject of Vilis’s research. Long hours in the outdoors introduce Dainis and Jānis to the rigours of field research, and the entire family to the lush, cluttered beauty of a New Zealand rainforest. Wild cries of kiwi – New Zealand’s avian icon – split the night. During time off, the family treks over an active volcano, snorkels among electric-blue fishes, and spots glow-worms in caves. They walk among New Zealand’s most endangered birds, gaze in awe at some of the largest trees on earth, and explore a gaudy wonderland that rests on the fiery guts of the earth.

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