I’m Vilis, Magi’s husband.

This winter we’ve had the most snow we’ve seen in the last 25 years of living at Ravenhill. We had almost nothing till the end of January. But then it was one big snowstorm after another. Our lane is ~1 km long, and I clear the snow using a snowblower attached to a tractor. Usually it takes 1-2 hours to clear the snow. But this winter at least 4 times it took 5 hours.

Take a look at the following panorama. Swing it around to view our house. You can see a small brown roof sticking out of the snow in front of the house. This is our birdfeeder which is 4′ tall. It is almost covered by snow.

Winter at RavenHill
(Click to enter panorama. Pan by pressing the left mouse button and dragging. Zoom by pressing the right mouse button and dragging, or by spinning the wheel. Go back in the browser to exit.)





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